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2 Re: calling Hungary for .42/min is a lie (mind)  14 sor     (cikkei)
3 Re: calling Hungary for .42/min is a lie (mind)  26 sor     (cikkei)
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+ - Re: Thanks Hungary (Was Re: Good luck to Roumania!) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > , 
>I sure agree on the political dwarf comment; it's pretty close to what I
>like to call them: political midgets.

Dunno. Maybe you are right 'cose you are over there and watch things from
distance and you cannot see the details. Clinton looks a true political
watching him from Europe, the same caliber as his predecessor.  It is so
vious because Reagan was *not* a political midget.

+ - Re: calling Hungary for .42/min is a lie (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On 29 Nov 1996, tamas wrote:

>I have also learned, that from December 1st the GI (direct dial access) 
>rates will remain unchanged, and the GIP (1-800..access) will drop to 
>0.42/min. They have switched me, from both access mode to only 1 800
>access, and I am looking forward my next bill.

Yes, the rate decreased from $0.54 to $0.42/min only for 800 number access 
and calling card. The rate for 10XXX access stayed the same - $0.54/min. 
Sorry for the mistake. 

+ - Re: calling Hungary for .42/min is a lie (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> wrote:
>On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, johanna preiszner wrote:
>>Do not believe TELCO advertisement. Thye charge the same as the others.
>Maybe you can tell the exact rate that we charge if you are 
>so well informed?  BTW, what is your source of information? 

Andrei, I did not post the original, but I have to agree with it: 
Cyberlink currently charges .54/min for both GI and GIP customers.
I have just received my bill yesterday. I called them.
When I referred to your post, I was told, that the agents can say 
anything, Cyberlink is not not responsible for and bound by that. :-(
I have also learned, that from December 1st the GI (direct dial access) 
rates will remain unchanged, and the GIP (1-800..access) will drop to 
0.42/min. They have switched me, from both access mode to only 1 800
access, and I am looking forward my next bill.
Just call Cyberlink at 1 800 266 2006 in case of doubt. I hope all the 
customer service people have the same information. 
+ - TAMIL LIBERATION (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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<p>November1995 </p>


 In November 1995, in Kotiyagala, Sri Lanka, 19 Member of the majority Sinh=
alese community were hacked to death by Tamil Terrorist murderers, in the n=
ame of  "Tamil Liberation." Hundreds of such brutal massacres of Sinhalese =
civilians have taken place in the past, by these Tamil Terrorists.  These T=
amils  have also assassinated two heads of State, Rajiv Gandhi of India and=
 President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, also in the name of Tamil Liberation. </=

But, unlike the Tamils, who have a well organised propaganda network, to sh=
ow to the world the "plight of the Tamils", these innocents they massacre, =
have no such sophisticated propaganda machinery to bring their butchery to =
the attention of the World.  </p><p>

The Tamil terrorists and their  sympathisers in the West cleverly manipulat=
e their propaganda, often  distorting facts,  to put forward a case for EEL=
AM, a separate state, on the grounds that they are an oppressed minority. S=
ome Westerners, who have a soft corner for the under-dog, often believe the=
ir distortions and untruths merely because they  feel  minorities are natur=
ally discriminated and oppressed.</p>

<h3>The reason, these innocents were butchered </h3><p>The Tamils are tryin=
g to carve out an ethnically pure Tamil enclave in North and Eastern Sri La=
nka called Tamil Eelam. This butchery is a part of the grand Tamil plan to =
ethnically cleanse these areas of Sinhalese and Muslims by terrorising the =
innocent,  hacking them to death.  </p>

<p> Tamil terrorism is funded, by  funds raised in Western countries, in th=
e name of  "Tamil Liberation", "Tamil self-determination", "Tamil Freedom S=
truggle" etc. Their sympathisers operate under various front organisation, =
some of which are listed in the US State Department Report on Global terror=
ism, which is attached.</p>

<p>Other than the Sinhalese majority, They have also massacred and ethnical=
ly cleansed parts of the North and East of a smaller Muslim minority. The U=
S State Department Human Rights Report on Sri Lanka  for 1995, published in=
 April 1996 ,states, "In the northern part of the island LTTE insurgents ex=
pelled some 46,000 Muslim inhabitants from their homes in 1990...virtually =
the entire Muslim population...expropriated Muslim homes, lands and busines=
ses and threatened Muslim families with death if they attempt to return...I=
n October over 120 Sinhalese civilians were massacred by LTTE forces in an =
attempt to inflame communal violence...many of the victims were hacked to d=
eath with swords and axes."  </p><p> These Tamil terrorists have even kille=
d thousand of members of their own Tamil community. Here is a list of more =
prominent Tamils, mostly members and activists of Democratic political part=
ies, killed by the Tamil Terrorists in order to silence the Democratic   Ta=
mil voice, so that they can GRAB POWER by terror. Any Tamil who speaks agai=
nst them will be killed. </p>
A.T. Duraiyappah [SLFP Mayor of Jaffna on 27.7.75] </LI><LI>
A.Thiagarajah [ex ACTC M.P. for Vadukoddai who later joined the UNP on 24.4=
=2E81] </LI><LI>
K.T.Pulendran [UNP Organiuser for Vavuniya on 19.1.83] </LI><LI>
A.J.Rajasooriar [UNP Organiser for Jaffna on 12.8.83] </LI><LI>
Mala Ramachandran [UNP MMC for Batticaloa on1.9.83] </LI><LI>
Gnanachandiram [Ex District Judge Point Pedro and Government Agent Mullaiti=
vu on 24.2.85] </LI><LI>
C.E.Anandarajah [Principal St.Johns College, Jaffna on 26.6.85] </LI><LI>
B.K.Thambipillai, [President, Citizens Committee Oddusudan on 22.8.85] </LI=
V.Dharmalingam [Ex TULF M.P. for Manipay and father of D.Siddharthan Leader=
 of PLOTE on 2.9.85] </LI><LI>
Alalasunderam [Ex TULF M.P. for Kopay on 2.9.95] </LI><LI>
P.Kirubakaran [Primary Court Judge on 11.3.86] </LI><LI>
Kathiramalai [Sarvodaya leader on 26.9.86] </LI><LI>
Vignarajah [Assistant Government Agent Samanthurai on 15.9.87] </LI><LI>
Anthonimuttu [Government Agent Batticaloa on 8.10.87] </LI><LI>
S.S.Jeganathan [Assistant Government Agent Batticaloa on 8.10.87] </LI><LI>=

Sinnadurai [Assistant Government Agent Trincomalee on 26.11.87] </LI><LI>
M.E.Kandasamy [Principal, Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya on 14.12.87] </LI><LI>
S.Siththamparanathan [Principal Vigneswara Vidyalaya Trincomalee on 31.1.88=
] </LI><LI>  =

S.Wijayanandan [District Secretary Ceylon Communist Party on 8.3.88] </LI><=
Velmurugu Master [TULF Organiser and Citizens Committee Member Kalmunai on =
 20.3.88] </LI><LI>
Rev. Father Chandra Fernando [President, Citizens' Committee, Batticaloa on=
 6.6.88] </LI><LI>
Rajshankar [President Citizen's Committee Tennamarachchi on 27.10.88] </LI>=
S.Sambandamoorthy [Ex TULF Chairman District Development Council, Batticalo=
a on 7.3.89] </LI><LI>
V.M.Panchalingam [Government Agent, Jaffna on 1.5.89] </LI><LI>
K.Pulendran [Assistant Government Agent, Kopay on 28.6.89] </LI><LI>
A.Amirthalingam [TULF Leader and National List M.P. on 13.7.89] </LI><LI>
V.Yogeswaran [ex TULF M.P for Jaffna on 13.7.89] </LI><LI>
Dr. (Mrs) Rajini Thiranagama [Lecturer in Anatomy at the Jaffna University =
and co-author of the 'Broken Palmyrah' on 25.9.89] </LI><LI>
Ganeshalingam [ex EPRLF Provincial Minister for North & East on 28.1.90] </=
Sam Thambimuttu [EPRLF MP] and Mrs. Tambimuttu [on 7.5.90] </LI><LI>
V.Yogasangari [EPRLF MP in Madras on 19.6.90] </LI></ul>

<p>"Mr. Prabhakaran (Leader of the LTTE) has established a rule of terror i=
n the city of Jaffna... many of his own lieutenants have been murdered; Tam=
ils who have criticised him, even mildly or in jest, have been picked up, t=
ortured and executed; others have been held in dungeons, half starved, haul=
ed out periodically for a battering by the guards.. He ( Prabhakaran) has s=
hown a bloodthirstiness in dealing with opponents that has compared with so=
me of the cruelest figures in Asian history, including Pol Pot of Cambodia.=
" <I>
-New York Times, 28 May 1995 </I></p><p>
"We condemn the recent brutal massacres of civilians which have taken place=
, especially those in the North and the East of Sri Lanka. These outrages b=
ear all the hallmarks of operations carried out by the LTTE and deserve the=
 condemnation of the entire international community" <I>
-Statement by UK Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jer=
emy Hanley, 6 November

"The trouble with Sri Lanka is that the would be splitters (secessionists),=
 The Tamil Tigers, have failed to establish that even their own people, let=
 alone a majority of Sri Lankans want to see the country broken up. Instead=
, the Tigers are trying to achieve their end by violence. The Government, b=
y contrast, has done its best to satisfy the reasonable demands of both Sri=
 Lanka's main ethnic groups, The Sinhalese and the Tamils. It is time that =
this was more widely recognised, and the Tigers were seen for what they are=
: TERRORISTS...Peace is not the Tigers aim unless it comes with secession. =
It is certainly not the aim of their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. Time a=
nd again, most recently in December, he has rejected it when it was on offe=
r. The evidence is that he much prefers killing to democracy and has no wis=
h to test the opinion of the people in whose name he commits so much murder=
=2E " <I>
-The Economist (UK), 10th to 16th February 1996.</I></p>

<p> . The Tamil Terrorists, and their sophisticated sympathisers living in =
Western countries are   masters of terror and deception, raise funds in wes=
tern countries often by dissemination of false propaganda that arouse sympa=
thy. Not only in areas under their influence in Sri Lanka but also in a cou=
ntry like Canada independent Tamil opinion and publications are not tolerat=
ed by the Tamil Tigers, but bullied and terrorised into silence. </p><p>
Through the medium of the internet they instruct Tamil terrorist sympathise=
rs how to respond to questions from westerners and the adoption of devious =
methods to raise funds for their terrorist activities in the guise of helpi=
ng poor refugees or adopting orphaned children. The LTTE which has been inv=
olved in promoting international terrorism (supplying arms to other terrori=
st groups for cash ), narcotic trafficking, defrauding the DSS in the UK, t=
he smuggling of illegal immigrants and money laundering is being investigat=
ed by several western governments. The sympathisers of this terrorist group=
 have approached UK local authorities and other bodies attempting to gain f=
unding, claiming such funds to be in aid of refugees, housing associations,=
 children's homes, religious and educational activities and various communi=
ty related causes.</p>



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00><br><br><IMG SRC=3D"mass4.gif" width=3D300><br><br><IMG SRC=3D"mass5.gif=
" width=3D300></center>
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</UL><HR><CENTER><IMG SRC="us.gif"></CENTER><CENTER><H1>1995
Patterns of Global Terrorism
</H1></CENTER><H5>Author:  U.S. Department of State Office of the
Coordinator for Counter-terrorism Release Date:  April 1996
</H5><CENTER><H4>Sri Lanka</H4></CENTER><P>The separatist group
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continued  to plague the
government in 1995, with insurgency and terrorism directed  against
senior Sri Lankan political and military leaders, economic 
infrastructure-related facilities, and civilians. The LTTE withdrew from
 government-initiated peace talks in April and renewed its attacks. The 
government then launched the largest offensive of the 12-year war. 
Although the LTTE suffered heavy casualties, and at least temporarily 
lost its main base on the Jaffna Peninsula, it continued to pose a 
serious terrorist threat.</P><P> In October, in their first attack on
Sri  Lanka's economic infrastructure in several years, the Tigers
attacked  oil and natural gas storage facilities in the Colombo suburbs
and  significantly reduced Sri Lanka's oil storage capability. The
Tigers  also conducted or planned suicide bombings against Indian Prime
Minister  Rao, Sri Lankan Army headquarters, other senior military and
government  officials, and government offices in Colombo.</P><P> The
LTTE has refrained from targeting Western tourists possibly out of  fear
that foreign governments would crack down on Tamil expatriates  involved
in fundraising activities abroad. In July, however, the Ellalan  Force,
an LTTE front group, exploded bombs in Colombo's zoological  gardens, in
a park, and on a beach frequented by tourists; there were no 
casualties. They intended to damage the tourist trade rather than to 
harm foreigners. These attacks followed a threat by the Ellalan Force to
 carry out bomb strikes in Colombo unless the government agreed to 
investigate the military's alleged use of civilians as human shields.   
</P><H4>The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)</H4><P><STRONG>Other
known front  organizations:</STRONG></P><P> World Tamil Association
(WTA), World Tamil Movement  (WTM), the Federation of Associations of
Canadian Tamils (FACT), the  Ellalan Force
</P><P><STRONG>Description</STRONG></P><P>Founded in 1976, the LTTE
is the most powerful Tamil group in Sri Lanka  and uses overt and
illegal methods to raise funds, acquire weapons, and  publicize its
cause of establishing an independent Tamil state. The LTTE  began its
armed conflict with the Sri Lankan Government in 1983 and  relies on a
guerrilla strategy that includes the use of terrorist  tactics.</P><P><STRONG
>Activities</STRONG></P><P>  The Tigers have integrated a battlefield
insurgent strategy with a  terrorist program that targets not only key
personnel in the countryside  but also senior Sri Lankan political and
military leaders in Colombo.  Political assassinations and bombings have
become commonplace.</P><P> The LTTE  has refrained from targeting
Western tourists out of fear that foreign  governments would crack down
on Tamil expatriates involved in  fundraising activities abroad.  </P><P>
<STRONG>Strength</STRONG></P><P>Approximately 10,000 armed combatants
in Sri Lanka; about 3,000 to 6,000  form a trained cadre of fighters.
The LTTE also has a significant  overseas support structure for
fundraising, weapons procurement, and  propaganda activities. </P><P><STRONG
> Location/Area of Operation</STRONG></P><P> The Tigers control most of
the northern and eastern coastal areas of Sri  Lanka but have conducted
operations throughout the island. Headquartered  in the Jaffna
Peninsula, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran has  established an
extensive network of checkpoints and informants to keep  track of any
outsiders who enter the group's area of control.</P><P> The LTTE 
prefers to attack vulnerable government facilities, then withdraw before
 reinforcements arrive. </P><P><STRONG> External Aid</STRONG></P><P>
The LTTE's overt organizations support Tamil separatism by lobbying 
foreign governments and the United Nations. The LTTE also uses its 
international contacts to procure weapons, communications, and bomb-
making equipment. The LTTE exploits large Tamil communities in North 
America, Europe, and Asia to obtain funds and supplies for its fighters 
in Sri Lanka. Information obtained since the mid-1980s indicates that 
some Tamil communities in Europe are also involved in narcotics 
smuggling. Tamils historically have served as drug couriers moving 
narcotics into Europe.</P> 
<HR><P><STRONG>The above is an extract ( all sections that relate to
Sri Lanka ) from the full report which covers Global terrorism. If you
wish to read the full report <A HREF="gopher://dosfan.lib.uic.edu:70/OF-1%3a696
>Click here</A> WARNING : The full report is about 200k and may take
some time to load.</STRONG></P><HR><UL>
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