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+ - Re: Policy of Peoples Republic of Poetry (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

willy, the canadian pseudo poet and artificial artist wrote:
> |------------------------------------------------------------|
> |o THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF POETRY 250480                    o|
> |o                                                          o|
> |o The Peoples Republic of Poetry {PRP}, as its name        o|
> |o indicates, has its historic roots {Origin Ally} in       o|
> |o poetry. Just as the People's Republic of China is often  o|

Ummm...system error. Delete Peoples Republic of Poetry {PRP} and 
replace with pseudo republic of pseudo poetry (PROPP). It has its roots in 
pseudo poetry. 

+ - Guaranteed to Get Your Rocks Off !! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Guaranteed to Get Your Rocks Off !!

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+ - Re: Ma rta Sebestye n (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>Hi, Gang!
>I received Ma'rta Sebestye'n's album, Lovessongs, for Christmas and have
>really enjoyed listening to it. I have a few questions, though. First, do
>all of her albums sound like this? She has a beautiful voice, but the
>instrumental accompaniment on the album was a tad too electronically
>synthesized for my tastes. Am I better off getting her albums with
>Muzsikas if I want to hear her backed by more traditional instrumentation?
>Second, is this singing style of hers typical of Hungarian folk music or
>is she sui generis? The music on this album sounds like it has Celtic and
>Middle Eastern elements to it. I like it and it didn't take me twice
>listening through it all the way before I picked up the tunes. If this is
>a pretty representative sample of Hungarian folk music, I think I'd like
>to start collecting some more. Any suggestions?
>Sam Stowe

In the states and Canada there is a really good album of Muzsikas under
the title Prisoner's Song (it is distributed by a Canadian firm and has a
normal price for a CD--I got it at Border's Books for 12.99 US I think).
It is very well produced but does use some non-traditional (at lest for
Hungary) instruments like bouzouki. An alternative if you want more
'folky' music is the group Te'ka. Their album Erdelyorsza'g sok sze'p vize
(Transylvania's many beautiful waters) may be available in the US. If that
isn't availale I believe that Te'ka Live (which was produced in the US)
is. The first features western Hungarian bapipes in one number and has a
terrific hurdy gurdy number. I have not heard Te'ka Live and so cannot
recommend it, but if it is like their other music I think it would be
good. The singer has a haunting voice, not as good as Sebesye'n's, but
pretty darn good.

Concerning Celtic and Middle Eastern styling in the music: if that is what
you like then Prisoner's Song would be your best bet. You would also like
the song De szeretne'k az egen csillag lenni (But I would like to be a
star in the sky) on the Te'ka disk. I don't think that what you are
hearing is due to influence but rather due to general similarities. For
example you may hear traditional six-holed pastor's flute in some
Hungarian folk music. This instrument is played exactly like tin whistle
and if you know one you can play the other with no problem.
+ - Re: Quebec (was Re: California ...) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Bonjour, Clary! (And BUEK!)

CLARY Olivier wrote:
> In article >  writes:
> >If you ask a Frenchman in France, he would tell you that Quebec French
> >is not decent French, because it is a dialect. [...]
> No, it's clearly French, but with an awful accent :-)

I was speaking with tongue in cheek (:-)) - but from your comment, I
take it you would agree that most speakers of Parisian French would tend
to regard the Quebec accent as a terrible one! (I hasten to add my
grandmother was from near Belfort, and those Parisian speakers would
look with equal disdain upon her accent!)
> >What is being observed in Quebec is the most narrow-minded and
> >restricted chauvinism, and the younger people are being limited in their
> >bilingual facility because of the government's deliberate policy. [...]
> That immigrant kids are required to use French schools? It does not limit
> bilingual facility but increases it: mother language + French. And like
> all francophone kids they will watch US TV, and know more and better
> English anyway than we generally do in France, or in Hungary.

No, no, that is not my point. I disagree with the state, in this case,
the government of Quebec, restricting people's access to education in
the language they desire to have their children taught in. Immigrants
are often classed as allophones, which is the term for people whose
native language is other than English or French. These people often wish
to have their children taught in English, but the Quebec government
forbids these people to send their children to English-language schools.
Frankly, it would seem that they would be bilingual as well if they went
to English-language school, but their bilingual facility would be in
English and their native language rather than necessarily French and the
native language. 

Actually, though, when I wrote about the government restricting the
bilingual ability of the population, I was talking about the
native-speaking French population. The government and many of the
Francophone people of Quebec actually discourage their young people from
learning to speak fluent English. After all, if bilingual education is
begun sufficiently early, it is not all that difficult to teach children
well enough that they can speak two languages fluently. However, the
Quebec government is not encouraging the education of its Francophone
population in English, and this is what I mean is a narrow-minded and
chauvinistic policy. The people seem to be afraid to have their young
people become truly fluent in English as well as French, as if such
fluency would result in the abandonment of the French language.

> >I suppose you think that the restrictions on the language on signs in
> >Quebec is reasonable, too.
> I think it says French cannot be in smaller letters? This leaves room
> for English when felt necessary, and helps the French not switch to
> English due to massive English presence in media etc - at least this
> is how Quebecker visitors usually explain it to us in France. It makes
> sense to me.
The sign law now allows English on signs if French is predominant, I
believe. I fail to understand, though, why any government anywhere
should be telling its population what language they use on the signs on
their storefronts and in their stores. If signs in a primarily
Chinese-speaking area are all in Chinese characters and not in English,
so be it. If there is sufficient demand, the signs will be printed in
more than one language. But I feel strongly that this is an area in
which the involvement of the government must of necessity be oppressive,
and what I have seen of the government's sign policy in Quebec (and btw,
are you aware that they have had *language police* who have the power to
charge store owners who violate the sign law?), only reinforces my

I believe in bilingualism, but I believe the policy of the government of
Quebec has not been a policy of bilingualism but a French-only policy.
They are trying to limit, if not stamp out, the use of English - and
other languages - in places like parts of Montreal, which have never in
their entire history been French-speaking. It seems to me that the
oppression by a minority of another minority is still oppression no
matter who does it or for what ostensibly noble purpose it is done.



Johanne L. Tournier
e-mail - 

> Udv:
> --
> -- Olivier Clary   mailto:   http://www.geocities.com/Paris/132
> Me'te'o-France/CNRM/Groupe Mode'lisation pour Assimiln. et Pre'vision, Toulou
> Aussi loin qu'est l'orient de l'occident, Il met loin de moi mes fautes --Ps1
> Se nem kicsi, se nem nagy, / E'ppen hozza'm valo' vagy!  (Lakodalmas -Te'ka e
+ - Re: Mulroney (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, 
>Teddy ) writes:
>> In article >, 
 () says:
>>>Persze en tudtam ki Mulroney, de tulajdonkepen miert utaltak annyira a
>>>honfitarsai?  Es akkor miert volt PM 8 evig?
>>>Annyira ostoba azert nem lehetett, ha angol anyanyelvu letere olyan 
>>>tudott franciaul. ;-)
>> Kedves Jozsi!
>> Mert o tette veglegesen tonkre Kanadat. Pl az o hazugsaga
>> fedezte a GST bevezeteset. (Ez egy 7%-os forgalmi ado.)
>> Jol tudott franciaul, mert Te is tudsz magyarul... Galamb 
>> Quebeci vakolo...
>> Masodszori ujravalasztasa ravaszul tortent, mert a kanadaiak vegulis 
>> a Free Trade-re szavaztak, abban a tevhitben, hogy olcsobb lesz 
>> Ehelyett az amerikai cegek kikoltoztek, es behozzak termekeiket 
>> valamint az ado potlasara jott a Goods and Service Tax, amit Galamb 
>> tervezett, de szerencsere csak 7 lett belole.
>> 9 ev kellett, hogy a masodik szavazasra a kanadaiak ugy kibuktassak 
>> oket, hogy ket kepviselojuk maradt. De ez jelentektelen, mert itt
>> 3-4 szocialista part kozul valaszthatsz ugyis.
>> Udv Teddy
>Mulroney was also a victim of the general asshole-ism of the Canadian
>population. One of the things he had right were the constitutional
>proposals that would have brought Quebec into the constitutional fold. 
>was correcting the fatal flaw of Trudeau's "repatriation" of the
>constitution, and that flaw was a peculiar USAmerican value and 
>the British common law flexibilities. Pity. Irving Layton was right when
>he wrote in his poem, "Shine On Glorious Republic" (referring to the 
>that they (USA) deserved "grander neighbours than assholes covered in 
>gallon hats."
I dont'like to be vulgar, but as far as I am concerned, the asshole is 
Mulroney and not the Canadian population.  Trudeau is a French-Canadian 
himself.  Why would he want to shortchange Quebec?  He was the one who 
brought in official bilingualism so that Quebecers feel at home 
everywhere in Canada - it didn't work.  Incidentally, when Mordechai 
Richler was interviewed and asked, "what does Quebec want?" He replied, 

+ - Re: Radios szilveszter (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  
>Nagyban keszulodtem hallgatni a Kossuth Radio szilveszteri musorat az
>ejfeli himnusszal a RealAudios kozvetites jovoltabol, s erre mit ad a
>jo szerencse?  A Kossuth egyik RA szervere sem mukodik!  De meg a
>Petofie sem.  Thanks a lot!  Mas is volt ebben a helyzetben?
>Pannon J.

Nem.  De a torontoi magyar radio vasarnap reggel 9-10-ig ragyogo kabare 
musort kozvetitett az evi budapesti legjobb kabaremusorok valogatasabol. 
Nem akarok frocli lenni...   Agnes
+ - Re: <<< NAME ONE NON-RACIST COUNTRY >>> (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

ashor > wrote:

>erbil wrote:
>> Steve Kiely wrote:
>> >
>> > Name one (1) country with a racist-free history:
>> >
>> > 1.
>> >
>> > Steve Kiely
>> > http://www.magna.com.au/~c41
>> It's a matter of degree.
>1. Iraq
>2. Syria
>3. Libya
>4. Kuwait
>5. Saudi Arabia
>6. Egypt
>7. Iran
>8. Turkey
>9. Yaman
>11.and lately Afghanistan,
>If you need more, don't hesitate to ask.

Ah ah ah ah ah that's a funny one ;-)
+ - English words to "Szerelem, Szerelem" (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Someone asked for these:

why don't you blossom on the top of each tree,
so that every boy and girl could pick you?
I have already found a blossom 
and lost it again.
What wouldn't I do 
to have my true love back again.
I would drain the sea for her
and pick the pearls from the sea-bed
for her necklace.

From the CD "Prisoner's Song" (Rabnota)
Marta Sebestyen and Muzsikas