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+ - The magic of RealAudio (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Yes, indeed!  I consider it the best thing that came along on Internet
since WWW.  It makes it possible to "tune in" to the local live Hungarian
Radio broadcasts here in the US!  Both Kossuth and Petofi stations, and
the reception quality is quite good, even with the 14.4 modems, though
for enjoying music, you better have a 28.8 modem.

If you have Win95, you already have the built-in RealAudio player, so
all you need is a sound card and speakers, besides the modem.

The Web page for Kossuth Radio is: http://www.kossuth.enet.hu, for
Petofi it's (you've guessed it): http://www.petofi.enet.hu.

Happy listening! (But don't forget to visit back here occasionally! ;-)

Joe Pannon
+ - EEJH - East European Jewish History List (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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invites you to become a member

For details check http://acad.bryant.edu/~kbrook/eejh.html
or email 

to subscribe, send a message to: 
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We look forward to your participation!
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+ - Forditás (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kedves Olvasó!

Tudna segiteni?... Mi az angolról-magyarra forditása "I thought that 
something bad had happened to you"-nak? 

Dear prospective saviour 

Could someone give me the Magyar translation of the English sentence: "I 
thought something bad had happened to you."? 

Nagyon méltányolnék és köszönöm szépen
Much appreciated and Thank you very much

Peter Chong
+ - The history of the serbian genozide policy (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

"Blank check" for the criminals of the Balkan genocide ?

The world press fills columns of newspapers day by day with the 
problems of the former Yugoslavia. Heads of the most zealous war 
criminals Karadzic and Mladic must roll, they claim - so that justice is 
done - by means of the International Court for Human Rights in the 
Netherlands. Aren't there politicians or lawyers capable of 
understanding the situation in entirety?

The tragedy of the Balkans in the past four years occurred right in 
front of our eyes. The world witnessed, from a distance, countless 
murders and the general craze of destruction by the Serbs. The war 
was caused by the communist dinosaur MILOSEVIC. Of course, he 
relied on many of his zealous supporters who carried out their 
crimes according to the well proven principle of "divide and 

Why doesn't the account for these deeds start with the head? Does 
the world and do the politicians want to sustain a system that is in 
direct contradiction to basic values of western civilisation and human 
rights, the murderous and prepotent system of Greater Serbia that 
resorts to "ethnic cleansing" (a Serb euphemism? -synonymous to the 
Nazi extermination of Jews, Gypsies and political opponents). The 
genocides of the nineties are not the first manifestations of 
megalomanic fantasies towards political and military omnipotence - 
to "solve" problems. Christianity and Western civilisation contradict 
this principle where "the end justifies the means".

The criminal and cruel activities of the past few years could only be 
perpetrated because of the silent condonation and because no 
counter-threats of effective punitive measures were ever made. The 
criminals were thus reassured to have a blank check for their 
activities! On this occasion it should be remembered that, in l944, 
from the end of October to the end of December, 40,000 Hungarians 
(including elderly and infants) were killed by the Serbs in the same 
nationalistic fervour in Voivodina, a region populated mainly by 
Hungarians and given to Serbia by the Treaty of Trianon in l920. In 
order to leave no evidence or traces, no written orders were given. 
The murders were effected following the orders of the "hero" 
Marshal Tito, who according to some mentally limited socialists 
represented the "third road"- whatever it might have meant? There 
was no guilt established, no charges were made, no warrant of arrest 
was issued. The victims were "called up to do some communal work", 
(for l-2 days) and assembled equipped with their carts and spades. 
At the collection points, the carts were immediately confiscated, then 
the victims were humiliated and tortured. Those who survived these 
crimes, were driven in groups of 30-l20 to cemeteries, some 
concealed spots or to the edge of a forest with their showel or spade. 
There, they had to dig their own mass graves and then strip naked in 
the bitter cold - (the death squads wanted to make use of their 
cloths). Afterwards they were tied together with wire, so that once 
shot blocks of flesh would neatly fall into the already dug mass 
graves. Before final shots silenced them for good, they were made to 
sing the Hungarian anthem and happy Hungarian songs. But the 
Balkan cruelity did not stop here. Many victims were executed by 
the incredibly brutal medieval method of driving a pole through 
their bodies (the mere description or reading of this horrendous 
brutality would necessitate psychotherapy). Nobody was allowed to 
see these places in contrast to the mass graves of the past few years 
which the world rightfully mourns. The first graves however have 
slowly become colourful -even if covered by wilted flowers. Widows, 
orphans and parents left alone unconspicuously pass the spots they 
know or deem to be their loved ones' last resting place and drop a 

Marshal Tito, the mass murderer could hardly keep up with the 
invitations he received from the world over, being officially 
welcomed on State visits, courted and honoured by many politicians. 
He was heralded as one of the great statesmen of the post-war era 
up until his death.

The question that must be raised is this. What prevents lawyers, 
judges and political organisations of the world from a radically 
thorough investigation and an exemplary judgement that might 
really lead into a new era?

As long as MILOSEVIC can receive as "grand seigneur" and "pacifier" 
- the arsonist helping extinguish the fire! - representatives of UN, 
NATO, EU and other international organisations and obstruct them in 
their search of the truth through his manipulations, we can not talk 
of justice and peace, but of institutionalised complicity.

Dr.Katharina Kajdi-Avar


Homonnai, Elemer: Atrocities committed by Tito's partisans, 
Cleveland l957

Cseres, Tibor: Verboszu a Bacskaban (English:Titoist atrocities in 
Vojvodina, l944-l945. Serbian Vendetta in Bacska) -Ed. Magveto-, 
Budapest- 1991- ISBN l-882785-01-0

Matuska, Marton: A megtorlas napjai, Ed.Ujvideki Forum, l991 -ISBN 

Illes, Sandor: Akikert nem szolt a harang , Ed.l-2- Tevan, Budapest 
l992 ISBN nnn-nn-nnnn-9

Bernard, Michel:Nations et nationalismes en Europe centrale, Aubier, 
Paris l995 , p.225
+ - Re: The Honest Sovok Tereshenko (was Re: Kyiv St (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (alex) wrote:

>Culture is the inevitable by-product of a sufficiently advanced economy.
>A more basic example is to say that civilization (culture if you will)
>is a by-product of a society having an agricultural surplus.
>You speak of =93mass culture=94 in America!!!
> Western Culture is far, far superior to your =93proletarian=94 Russian
>=93culture=94, foisted and spread and rammed down the throats of other
>nations by force. Nations which were also kept in * forced * isolation from th
e West
>and the rest of the planet.
>What is it about Russo-Mongolian
>culture that you feel is superior? 

Dear Alex.

"Russo-Mongolian" culture obviously provides far more advanced general educatio
Come back to school and "Russo-Mongolian" students and professors will help you
learn why it is nice to know at least some basics of the history of human
civilization (including culture(!)). I am not talking about ethics, philosophy,
sociology and other BS. I hope I am not making a mistake by saying that Alex's
views on the world have nothing to do with the far, far superior Western Cultur
With American.... well maybe.

Best regards.
+ - Re: Forditás (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Peter k Chong > wrote:

>Kedves Olvasó!

>Tudna segiteni?... Mi az angolról-magyarra forditása "I thought that 
>something bad had happened to you"-nak? 

>Dear prospective saviour 

>Could someone give me the Magyar translation of the English sentence: "I 
>thought something bad had happened to you."? 

>Nagyon méltányolnék és köszönöm szépen
>Much appreciated and Thank you very much

>Peter Chong

Azt hittem valami bajod tortent.

Eva Kende B.Sc. author of "Eva's Hungarian Kitchen".
+ - Jaghzies (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Reader

If any Jaghzies are out there could you please drop me a line at
I am Persian and would like ot know more about you.


Arash Salardini
+ - Re: Romanian origins (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Cours 6412 > wrote:
>: Hi,
>: If you re-read my sentence, I never argued if the assumptions were right or
>: wrong. (some of them were right some of them were wrong)

>........ : listing assumptions because not agreing is immature.

>Cristian Alb

Yup, that's what I mean. Nothing more.
+ - Re: Another Example of Slovak Intolerance (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Igor GAZDIK > wrote:
>#>Talking about racism, what is wrong with Mongolia ?
>	nothing at all.   but it is somewhat empty after 
>	the hungarian ancestors left it and infested europe

The only infestation I've seen around is the the likes of Gazdik on
Internet.  When I see such bellicose bullies from a tiny country like
Slovakia, I can't help recalling those famous lines from the movie
Cool Hand Luke: "One's got to know his limitations."

Joe Pannon