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+ - Re: Romanian peasants against the NATO (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> From the news:

> >daily Cronica romana, reported on 12 September that a group of Romanian
> >farmers who were apparently unaware that a NATO military exercise was
> >taking place near the Transylvanian town of Sibiu (see OMRI Daily
> >Digest, 11 September 1995) grabbed pitchforks and axes to rush to the
> >rescue of Romanian troops. Officers reasssured the farmers and the
> >exercise was able to continue. -- Michael Shafir, OMRI, Inc.

> Too bad those officers calmed down the farmers.  Now we will never
> know who would have won.  Darn, what a sight it must have been!  All
> those patriotic farmers advancing on the NATO tanks or whatever ...
> Yet another proud day in Romanian history!

> Panonescu

So now you see how good it feels to be out of the closet?
Enlighten us!  Show us how a true Hungarian Patriot feels 
about all things Romanian!

+ - Re: UN SHOULD MAINTAIN ITS SUPPORT FOR NATO!!!!!!!!!!! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In >  writes: 
>The US should be bombing the Fundamentalist Moslems in Bosnia instead
of the
>Christian Serbs who are just fighting for self-determination.  
>Why doesn't the US bomb the Moslem Kashmiris who have ethnicly
>cleansed that state of the 100,000 Hindu Pandits instead of
>supporting those Moslems and denying India's sovereinty over

I don't think NATO should get involved in all disputes all at the same
time. Don't you feel reassured just knowing that they are continually,
slowly but surely, pressing ahead. Hang in there!!

+ - Lost Photographs, Ł50 Reward (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In the summer of 1989 I spent 2 months Inter-railing round Europe.  I 
enjoyed Hungary so much that I spent 3 weeks camping there.  Unfortunately 
during my stay I somehow managed to lose 7 or 8 rolls of exposed 35mm 
photographic film containing over 200 photographs of my trip.  6 years 
later I am still upset by the loss!

The films were the only items to go missing on the whole of my trip and I 
am still unable to explain how they could have gone missing.  At the time 
I discovered the loss, I tried calling the campsites but had difficulty 
being understood.  I also filed a missing property report with the 
police in Budapest.

The films were tied together in a polythene carrier bag ready to be posted 
home for safety!  Surely if someone found the films they would not have 
thrown them away but kept them till the owner came to claim them, or 
handed them to the police or had some of them developed to try and 
discover the owner. I hope that somewhere my films are lying forgotten in 
a drawer.

If you are interested in trying to help me find the films and want more 
details of where I might have lost the films in Balatonalmadi, Tihany and 
Eger, E-Mail me directly at  .

There is a Ł50 reward for their recovery.  Many Thanks.

Sandy Menzies.
Scotland, UK.
+ - Re: Ladislaw as a given name in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>He named his first son after himself, Joszef Zoltan.
>He named his second son Ladislaw (no middle name).

>I am curious to know if the family's choice of the
>name Ladislaw (rather than Laszlo) might suggest anything.  
>Was Ladislaw popular in one region rather than another?
>Does it reflect the flavoring or influence of an adjacent
>ethnic group?

I can't comment on where this name may originate from, but I can tell
you Hungarians don't use the letter W. Even Wilma is spelled Vilma.

  |  St. Petersburg  Fla.
H & G Brown           |  Only I Know When
+ - US <-> Foreign Videotapes (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Got foreign videotapes? Taking US tapes overseas?

We convert US and foreign videotapes to any TV standard (NTSC, PAL,
SECAM, etc.)

Excellent quality - fast turnaround.


3D RESEARCH                         NTSC/PAL/SECAM
20120 Route 19, Suite 105-274       VHS/S-VHS/8mm/Hi8
Cranberry Township, PA 16066        Same day processing
(412)-776-5225 fax
+ - Re: The World Book Of Horvaths ?? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

i received one regarding KUTHY, i don't buy things this way myself, look
for my posting under KUTHY, as i am interested in finding out more about
my background and family history
+ - Re: hungarian suicide rates (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > andrew similie, 
>hort passage from a new york times article ( n.y. times/jan 5,
>	1992, titled: hungary's abortion opponents depict a nation on
>	the wane ):

I almost missed this thread 'cose you forgot to xpost to us...
>	"the low birth rate is only one of several social indicators the
>	government is nervously monitoring.

The low birth rate is not that big problem, actually it is tipical for
the developed countries. The poor, undeveloped, third-world count-
ries have high birth rates. The decrease in birth rate is proportional
to the countries' economical and cultural ascend. I think Romania
still has quite high birth rate measured on the  European standard
doesn't she ?

> while hungary's per-capita
>	suicide rate has dropped from its peak in 1983-84, it remains
>	the world's highest; in 1990, 4235 hungarian citizens killed them-
>	selves, the central statistical office says. at 65.1 years for
>	men and 73.7 years for women, life expectancy is among the lowest
>	in europe."

Unhealthy lifestyles, to much work, etc. etc.

>	after becoming nauseated by pseudo-intelectual rhetoric phrasings
>	( THE "sumerian" connection - yea, right, and # 1 in poetic
>	expression, sure ) i thought i should throw some numbers at you,
>	dear batatori de campuri. 

You did not manage to say anything new to us. We all know of these
numbers, and never denied them, becase we used to face our faults,
so you can not hurt us this way.
Somehow this tactics works beautifully on  Romanians, because
you hate to see your dark side(s), my  dear Jerkylls.


The "sumerian connection" was a little bit too strong, I agree.
+ - The Rules of the Game (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I posted a letter of Mr. Miklos Csapody, a Hungarian Member
of parliament to the Prime Minister ofHungary urging
the Prime Minister to take a stand against the 
ethnic cleansing of ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina.
This posting was on the sreen of soc.culture.magyar for one
single day only and for three more days it could 
be read only if one recalled all the articles.
I tried to discover some rules in the manner you
 post and keep your articles on screen , but I don't 
seem to be able to see any consistency.
For examle, an articel titled "Auschwitz Explained" was 
on the main screen for much longer, and than our posting regarding
the Hungarian ethnic community in Vojvodina.
Who decides on this matters and what are the rules?
Thank you
Peter Kaslik
Hungarian Human Rights Monitor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel/Fax:(416) 259-0877 Email:
+ - Re: SCM: Ladislaw as a given name in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>probably named his second son after his father, so
>"L. Reday" may really be "Ladislaw Rhedey."  (I also
>suspect that "Annie" may be what a Virginia court clerk
>wrote down when he heard "Anna.")
>Now we get to my question.  I'm told that Ladislaw is _not_
>a name in contemporary usage in Hungary.  Its equivalent
>is apparently Laszlo, which is popular.  (I heard somewhere
>that Laszlo was the "Christianized" version of Ladislaw.)

It was a custom in Hungary to name one of the sons after his grandfather
thus I suspect that the "L' in the Virginia Registry stood for "Laszlo" The
"A" in the mother's name was almost certainly "Anna". My guess is that you
should try to trace "Rhedey Laszlo" and "Anna"

> I am curious to know if the family's choice of the
>name Ladislaw (rather than Laszlo) might suggest anything.
>Was Ladislaw popular in one region rather than another?

Laszlo might have been changed to "Ladislaw" for easier pronunciation (the
"sz" is a Hungarian double letter for "s" in English). My brother changed
his first name from "Ferenc" to "Frank" for the same reason.

>Does it reflect the flavoring or influence of an adjacent
>ethnic group?

Not necessarily but it is possible that their friends or neighbors in
Virginia were of a particular ethnic origin where "Ladislaw" was a common
name (as is "Laszlo" in Hungarian)



Good luck!


+ - RE: SCM: Re: SCM: "Cheers" in hungarian? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

alis, helyette a "csirio" is hasznalatos.